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Imcompetent little......

Ive been wondering why the laon application forms havent been sent to me yet so we phoned up the head office. It turns out that there was a mix up with the computer and no one has been sent them but its just been sorted so the forms should be here soon.

Youd think theyd would be more careful about these things.
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EEEEEVVIIILLL loans people... They really suck! They are completely incompetant... I've had MAJOR problems with them in the past... They don't get any better I'm afraid!

Plus: do they make the forms as difficult as possible, purely so that no-one bothers or what? Some of the boxes are just crazy... Is there actually anyone in those situations? What a waste of space!

.... At least I'm never gonna have to fill one of those in again... *evil grin*
I know, but my Mum and Dad mainly fill forms out for me so its not that bad, just as long as it gets here in time.
Lucky flamin'.....

You'll be fine, they're not that bad... They usually get everyone their money on time, even if they do get them a bit stressed in the run up!
Yup, stress aint what I need, I already have 5/6 silver hairs now
You may all think that the loans company is evil.....but they do provide you with effectively free money!! How good is that!....and you may have to fill in a few forms...but even if it takes you 3 hours to fill in that's a pay rate of over £1000 an hour!!!!!

Well I'm sure they'll get there in the end...andyour pay rate might fall just bellow 1k per hour if you spend a lot of time on the phone to them......hopefully it'll be done before the beginnig of term!
Well actually the forms have to be here, filled in and sent back before June which gives me about three weeks.

They may be providing the money but that doesnt give them the right to screw around with something as important as this, were people too you know.

And we phoned them all of once so were not exactly wasting any money there.

Good news is I get something like £5000-£5500 loan over the year.
Grr. Thats twice what I got.
Yeah but Im from a poor family and Im going 'abroad' to uni so I get more.
I guess it also means you have to pay back more. I got a statement yesterday - including interest, I now owe the loans company over 11,500 quid :'(
True but whatever I dont use I'll save up, I know how to save up. So by the end of the three years I'll have a lump sum that I wont have spent, not much but I guess every little helps.
I have a lump sum :) Its just a lump sum thats nowhere near 11,000 pounds :(
I have a lump sum too.......

It's currrently being spent on a new soundcard and possibly a mixer! :-)