Chemy (chemy) wrote in brum_chemists,

Exam results

I passed, BCE, not great but it means Ive got the necessary grades. After checking the site it seems Ive been accepted for 3 days. So Im in ^_^
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Congratulations!!! :)
Thanks Lynn ^_^
Woo-hoo! Congrats!

Who cares what yer grades are if you've got in! I got very similar results and managed to get a first... So I'm hoping they won't look at A-level grades other than to check you can get into Uni! Not that there's anything wrong with that... *Digs a hole*

We'll look forward to seein' ya round next year then!
Yup, I'll be there in a months time
Congrats! See you in September (and don't worry, we are normal really...well normal-ish - I blame the chemicals!) lot....?????? Never! lol
Lol your the only normal one then Simon :p
Oh, well Im not that normal actually. By the time I arrive my hair will be chin length lol.
That's really not normal... I'd have a shave if I were you.... :P

And if you're normal and a chemist, then you're not normal as we're all odd... So you need to be very un-normal to be normal... So the weirder you are the more normal you'll be...

That explains a lot.....
My head hair, not my facial hair LOL!!
...So where's your facial hair down to? lol
No where, I shave often enough